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New Energy Company Presents Bio-Fuel Breakthrough To Stimulate the Economy, Impact The Middle-Class and “Climate Change”

Green Air Energy of Texas, (GAET), an innovative company in renewable energy development, markets alternative energy technologies. They will market an especially unique bio-fuel innovation, which in two steps can convert not only Agricultural feed stock, but also sewage water and algae into high-grade diesel fuel and high-grade jet fuel a matter of a few minutes. Due to the cost-effective nature of their manufacturing process, their fuel will allow for profit margins to recirculate substantial dollars back into communities using their technology. For every dollar spent in fuel from foreign oil, only 40 cents goes back into the economy; but for every dollar spent from domestic oil, $3 is generated back into the economy. GAET's technology could save 90 Billion dollars annually in diesel fuel, 24 Billion dollars annually in jet fuel and generate close to 775 Billion dollars annually in national economic activity. There is no other oil or bio-fuel technology in the industry that can come close to their production costs and with the occurrence of Hurricane Sandy and the Arkansas oil spill, it is now imperative for the country to utilize “Green” alternative energy like this and other technologies, to reduce the effect of “Greenhouse Gases” in our weather patterns and to eliminate unnecessary environmental disasters.

Innovation is now the most intelligent strategy for reviving the economy. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman stated that “technological innovation, if it's big enough, can help the country rebound right now” and other economists are saying the same thing about an effective substitute for diesel fuel. This technology innovation is big enough and it will have a “positive domino effect” on the entire economy starting with a psychological lift to consumer and business confidence. Effective innovation can be far-reaching and GAET will exemplify why their energy breakthrough will help to elevate the country's economic trajectory - right now. It will:

  • Allow hundreds of billions of dollars to recirculate back into the economy, especially through the middle-class, the poor, the elderly and municipalities

  • Help pay for national infrastructure improvements, create new “sustainable” jobs while expanding current public and private sector jobs

  • Help create “energy independence” to enhance the nation's economic competitiveness with “green” inexhaustible energy sources

  • Not harm the environment or the country's natural resources from the harvesting, production, and use of this technology

  • Help to insulate the country from negative economic activity in foreign markets and negative political activity, domestically and in the Middle-East

  • Lower the cost of oil, gasoline, food and other goods and services for consumers while helping businesses and municipalities to save money in their operating budgets

  • Impact healthcare and healthcare costs by reducing carbon in the environment

  • Provide energy solutions to help stabilize the country during natural catastrophes

  • Help to resolve the deficit, spending, taxes, “Sequestration, and the “Debt Ceiling” with the financial resources this technology will provide to drive the economy

This bio-fuel conversion technology is named the “Big Green”. The production rate can vary from 25 MGPY (Million Gallons Per Year) to 50 MGPY and 100 MGPY with larger model capacities available. This equipment and the fuel it produced was tested by Bently Tribology Services in Minden, NV., with verifiable results available. Bently Tribology Services is a certified testing laboratory for fuels and the machines that produce them.

GAET has created a novel marketing approach with their technology. They will help municipalities to share in their revenue streams with their bio-fuel processing facilities being placed in those communities and save them money on energy. They are working with investors who are interested in renewable energy and bio fuel ventures. GAET has an upcoming campaign, “Quest For American Economic Restoration”, that will present their search for all municipalities interested in a synergistic partnership that uses this bio-fuel technology to stimulate their local economies as well as a similar program dealing with electric energy technology.

GAET is creating awareness by collaborating with NW Health and Technology Group, LLC., an Atlanta based company, that has launched a web site designed to economically help the middle-class by presenting new developments in innovation. The site is www.innotechbreakthroughs.com; and they have posted an in-depth article about this technology and other alternative energy technologies and a report about the shortcomings of depending on strengthening the economy with conventional energy and the Keystone Pipeline. For further information please see the above contact.